Best poker sites

Best poker sites

It is an exciting and multifaceted game that has captivated millions of people around the world. It is shown in movies and on TV, it is gambled in kitchens and casinos, and championships are held throughout the year in different parts of the world. And finally, tens of thousands of players have made playing the game online their job.

Main information about poker

No Limit Texas Hold’em is the most popular discipline in the world, and the vast majority of tournaments and cash are held on it. The poker game has simple rules that are easy enough to remember. Its essence is as simple as possible. Play can be 2 to 10 people. At the beginning of the deal 2 players put compulsory bets. This forms the pot, which will be fought for. The players who will be making these bets are indicated by a special button. After each hand, it goes one position clockwise. Thus, all players at the table will place mandatory bets with the same frequency. Next, the agent deals two cards to everyone. In the casino it is a separate person. But online, the agent’s function is performed by the computer. All players decide whether they want to continue the deal or discard cards. If they want to continue – they equalize or raise stakes. Gradually common cards appear on the board. All players use these together with their pocket to make combinations. All suits are equal in strength – their conditional seniority plays a role only in rare cases. You can win in two ways. The first is to show the strongest set of cards at the end of the deal. Or deceive opponents by knocking them out of the pot. The strength of the set is determined by the combination. Remembering them all is one of the first tasks for beginners. In addition, there are many other types of this game. Below you will learn briefly about 2 popular ones:

  • Omaha. Reminiscent of Hold’em. However, the players get to deal not 2, but 4 cards at once. And you must use two of them. There are also variations with 5, 6, and even 7 cards, but the essence does not change;
  • Short Deck. Hold’em, but with 36 cards instead of 52. That is, the deck has no below six (so it is also called 6 +). A very dynamic game, which rapidly gained popularity in recent years. The key difference is that other combinations are predominant.

On the Internet you can play poker game on special sites, usually called “poker rooms“. They operate under official licenses. And it is available both for real money and for regular chips. There thousands of people gather at the tables every day and the game’s honesty and safety of deposits are guaranteed by large international corporations. Further you learn more about such websites.

Starting to play poker online

This game attracts millions of people, and with the development of the Internet it has become even more widespread. Nowadays, to find yourself at the card table, all you have to do is pull out your smartphone or sit down at your computer and launch an app. To play online, you can use any of the following services: 

  • Poker rooms; 
  • Apps on smartphones; 
  • Social networking games. 

Each service has its pros and cons. For example, poker rooms offer you the largest choice of games and ways to deposit or withdraw money. Mobile applications are convenient because they are optimized specifically for smartphones. Well, in social networks the weakest opponents play (though, usually not for money).

Poker Rooms

These are poker sites that provide the opportunity to play this game for real money. They maintain servers, develop clients, accept and withdraw money. Almost everywhere the game is played around the clock. And at the tables you can meet opponents from all over the world. The main advantage is the availability of different types of games. Once in the client, the player chooses a variety and immediately finds himself in the deals with the opponents.

Best sites for online poker

The main difference between online and live poker is the ability to play from anywhere in the world. Using your computer, tablet or phone. In addition, comfort and convenience: if previously to play poker you had to go to a certain place and take cards in hand, now it is enough just to run the application on your gadget. Moreover, many functions on the Internet are automated. That is why you will be able to play a lot more hands. Some varieties of this game exist exclusively on the internet, such as fast poker. A detailed description of the best sites or rooms is presented below.


Tiger gaming

This is a poker room of the Chico network, popular with American and Canadian players. A promising choice for anyone who prefers to play at night and in the morning. This is when there are the most opponents at the tables. The most positive feedback is due to user-friendly software and mobile clients with the ability to play from the browser, weekly rake races in spins and cash with five-figure prizes, and a lot of weak players from the bookmaker’s office and casino. The room allows programs for collecting and displaying statistics: HUD’s, H2N. Through the converter work HM3/PT4, although officially it is forbidden to use converters. The highest traffic at the NL10-NL1000 Hold’em and PL10-1000 Omaha, a large selection of games at 9-max tables. The tournament grid was redesigned in 2020 – there are more events with big prize funds and promotions for MTT fans. There are spins with buy-ins ranging from INR 100 to 1000. Shortdeck, fast poker up to NL50. Good for multi-tabling.

Bonuses at TigerGaming Poker

All players who make a first deposit are offered a 100% bonus up to INR 80,000, which equates to 10% of rakeback. There are 30 days to wage, with INR 400 awarded for every INR 4,000 rake. At some tables there is a bad beat jackpot, which is formed from the extra player commission and is activated when you lose with a hand combination of a carat or higher. Prizes are distributed to all hand participants.



One of the leaders of modern online with round-the-clock play from INR 10/20 to INR 800/1600. Very popular fast poker and tournaments with a random prize pool. They can win INR 82,000,000 in minutes. Active players will like the clear loyalty program, which gives back up to 60% of the commission paid, as well as daily leaderboards with hundreds of thousands of rupees in prizes in all varieties. Live tournaments go straight to the Bahamas. You can qualify and win a trip in satellites on the official site. Modern and user-friendly app design on Android and iOS. The important difference between this and other rooms – a huge selection of games and no support for statistics programs (Holdem Manager, Poker Tracker, Hand2Note, and others). This puts amateurs and professionals on an equal footing. To make the game more fair. In addition, at some cash tables and in some tournaments real names are used instead of nicknames.

Deposits and Cashouts

The minimum deposit amount is INR 800. You can use one of the following services to deposit money into your account:

  • Bank cards;
  • MuchBetter;
  • Skrill;
  • Neteller;
  • Luxon.

To withdraw funds you will need to verify your identity. The set of payment methods depends on the player’s country of residence (the address specified in the account profile) and may differ from the list above.



This is one of the oldest modern online poker rooms. It was founded in 2002. It is known for regular freerolls, a wide range of low and mid-limit games, as well as SuperStorm and XL tournament series. There are casual prize pool events and fast poker. Low rakeback is combined with generous sign-up and first deposit promotions. Good for playing in several rooms: auxiliary software is allowed, it is possible to customize the interface to your own needs with the help of layouts. There are a lot of amateurs at the tables, who come to poker from casinos and betting. By playing here you get a chance to win your way to the Live Tournaments. Before the big events, you can qualify through multi-step satellites.

Bonuses at 888poker

The company offers many bonuses for newbies. You can often get free tournament tickets, sports betting, or a small cash bonus just for opening a customer. You don’t have to make a deposit when you sign up. New players can get $88 in tournament tickets and a wagering bonus. It is accrued gradually. Payouts are broken down into 11 equal parts: every 250 points earned at the tables brings INR 80 to your account immediately and INR 560 tickets (2 tickets to a tournament with an INR 4 buy-in every day for a week). Another way to build a small bankroll to play is to participate in freerolls, of which there are many on the schedule on the company’s official website. Free tournaments start every hour on average. Not forgetting about the cash players: the action “Set of the day” allows you to get cash prizes for winnings at the opening with the specified pocket cards.



This is a poker site from the Winning Network, in existence since 2011. WPN is one of the few networks accepting players from the U.S. after Black Friday. The world’s largest economy was the ancestor of live poker, so it’s no surprise that you can find many wealthy amateurs online as well. In 2020, a major client update was released (the stack is converted to blinds with one click, the tables’ appearance was improved, bugs were fixed), and guarantees in regular tournaments were significantly increased – this often leads to overlays. This site will appeal to green players: for active play during the year you can get 65% rakeback in loyalty programs (not including regular rake races and promotions), and the client supports auxiliary programs and HUD’s.

Deposits and Cashouts

The minimum deposit from electronic payment systems – INR 400, from a bank card – INR 2,000. Set of payment methods depends on the country of residence of the player (the address specified in the account profile) and may vary from the list:

  • VISA bank cards, Mastercard;
  • Skrill + Neteller;
  • ecoPayz;
  • Luxon;
  • Cryptocurrency;
  • P2P (between players).

Applications for cashout are processed within three days. Withdrawal of funds for free will be allowed only once a month, the following withdrawals are subject to a fee. Without verification of the account you can not withdraw more than INR 40,000 and transfers between accounts.



This is a European iPoker room that has been operating since 2006. Every week the hosts leaderboards for spin players, high online cash games up to NL400/PLO400, fast poker up to NL50. There are short deck hold’em tables up to NL100 and low to medium limit MTT. The company is well suited for multi-tabling: auxiliary software is supported, you can customize the interface with layouts and HUDs. First of all, it is a room with a rich history: it has been in the Ongame and Microgaming networks for many years. For the last four years the company has been recognized as the best gaming operator according to EGR Operator Awards for professional support service, audience loyalty and high level of security.

Bonuses at BetSafe

Rum offers a 100% bonus up to INR 160,000 on your first deposit from INR 800, which is wagered in installments of INR 400 for every 250 loyalty points. In addition, you can get up to INR 800 in tournament tickets by completing simple tasks:

  • 3 Play 3 Twisters;
  • Win a Twister;
  • Play 25 hands in a cash game;
  • See 10 flops at any tables;
  • Get a multiplier of x3 in a Twister;
  • Get an Ace of Spades in Cash;
  • Get a pocket pair on any table;
  • Win a hand with a straight or higher at any table;
  • Play 50 hands in cash;
  • See 25 flops at any tables.

Completing any of these simple tasks will earn you an INR 10 reward. At the same time, no one forbids you to do them all. As practice shows, every playing user performs these tasks.



This is a room to play with amateurs from the U.S. and Canada, who, due to the peculiarities of the law, cannot create accounts on most major networks. Sports betting and online casinos are available for them here, so you can see a lot of weak players at the tables. Part of the Chico Poker Network. Good for playing at night and in the morning: the highest online in the room from 4 to 8 a.m. The most active players are Hold’em (NL10-NL1000) and Omaha (PL10-1000), and unlike most roums, 9-max at medium limits are even more packed than 6-max. There are PLO8, straddle tables, short deck, fast poker (NL10, NL25 and NL50). The main pluses are convenient software, regular rake races, a lot of weak players from online casinos and bookmakers. The Chico network allows you to use poker statistics analysis software and HUD’s, which will give you an extra advantage over weak opponents.

Bonuses at BetOnline Poker

When you create an account you can get a 100% first deposit bonus up to INR 80,000. This equates to 10% rakeback. It must be wagered within 30 days and will be credited at INR 400 for every INR 4,000 in rakeback. There is a bad beat jackpot at the tables on the company’s official website. It is distributed among the participants of the deal. As well as the rest of the players at the table in the case of a loss with a two or above.


SportsBetting Poker

This is a major online betting room of the American Chico network. Here you can play with rich amateurs from North America: Canada and the United States. Features fast cashouts, the ability to use auxiliary software (only H2N; HM3 and PT4 work through converters, which are technically forbidden to use). And also a convenient schedule for playing at night (or in the morning if you’re from the Asian part). Most of the game goes in hold’em on NL10-NL1000 and Omaha PL10-1000 limits. Playing at the 9-max tables is very popular. For cash players there are regular rake races with big prizes. Spins are available from INR 300 to 4,000 in three varieties: 

  • Classic;
  • Jackpots with a bigger jackpot;
  • Flips.

Here, all players go straight all-in. Also high online Omaha high-low, short deck and fast poker. The game is available from full clients on iOS and Android, and there is a browser version.

SportsBetting Poker bonuses

All new players can get a bonus on their first deposit. It doubles up to INR 80,000. Bonus is wagered gradually (30 days in total). It is awarded at INR 400 for every INR 4,000 in rake. Basically this bonus allows you to play in the room the first month with 10% additional rakeback.At some tables there is a bad beat jackpot. It is triggered when a player loses a hand or higher. Jackpot is replenished from the rake.