The most popular game of chance. How to play it. Poker

The most popular game of chance. How to play it. Poker

Poker is a gambling board game that is very popular in different countries, and in the United States it has long been considered a national game.  It also falls into the category of stealth. Unlike, for example, chess or backgammon, where all the pieces are in the palm of your hand, players until the last moment do not know all the cards held by the opponent. The main goal of the poker game is to collect a high combination of cards, which determines the winning position of the participant. It is also possible to become a winner by using various tricks, forcing other opponents out of the game. Want to learn how to play poker from scratch on your own? The rules of this board game are quite confusing, and in the course of the gameplay, the most unexpected turns of events can occur. But thanks to this article, you have the opportunity to understand poker and learn how to make money at it. Read this article carefully! Of course, after reading this article you are unlikely to become a professional player. But you can definitely get your friends together to enjoy poker at a house party. And brag about your new knowledge or start doing it online. At first, it’s worth playing for small amounts to gain experience.

History of Poker

Before you learn to play poker from scratch. You should read a little history. This information will give you a more serious and meaningful dive into learning the basics of the game. Since the Middle Ages royalty, aristocrats, artists, and, of course, smart people looking to score at the expense of less fortunate players have gathered at the poker table. Queen Victoria herself took lessons in the game!

Types of bets and their name

Types of bets poker and their name

Like any other game, poker also has its own terms. It is necessary to know them in order to communicate with other gamblers and understand them. In the course of the game each player has the opportunity to stake:

  • Call or respond to an opponent’s bet (“call”);
  • Put all the money (to play “va-bank”);
  • “Smother the opponent with a bigger bet (“Raise”);
  • Folding your cards, thus announcing that you’re out of the game;
  • Leave a blind bet as is (“check”).

These are the basic types. Every self-respecting poker player should know this.

The Stake Round is completed when all participants have made a decision and performed a certain action. There can be more than one betting round in each hand.

Let’s Start Playing. The main stages of the game

You’re about to learn what each stage of the game is and what it’s all about.


This stage is present in every hand. Players make mandatory stakes, after which they receive two “pocket cards” each. Only those who supported or made their move during one or more betting rounds remain in the game.

The flop

At this time three common cards are dealt, after which another round of betting begins. At this stage, since the player usually knows the 5/7 and can make a combination of them, many bidders prefer to play for large sums.

The Move is

This is the 4th common card. Participants either go “all-in” or make the smallest possible bet. Players freeze, waiting for the last card to appear on the table. If someone decides to go “all-in”, the chances that the other participants will support the bet become very low.


At this stage, players already know clearly what they can qualify for. In hold’em poker mathematics and psychology play an important role. If among the participants there are those who supported the previous bet, then after receiving the fifth card to determine the winner all remaining cards at that moment are opened. Sitting down at the poker table, you should understand that even if you are 100% confident in your knowledge of the table game rules and have already learned the subtleties of strategy, there is no universal algorithm on how to beat any opponent. The result of the game depends not only on the skill and experience level of the player, but also on the type of opponents.

You can’t do without it! Combinations

Poker Combinations

This point plays an important role in poker. Books are written about card combinations in the game, spreadsheets and probability calculators are created, and legends are made about them. Which of these should be used in the game – this is the question new players ask themselves when they begin to learn the basics of Texas Hold’em and other card variations. There are a total of 10 poker combinations. They are not difficult to memorize and should be known to every beginner player. After all, without a clear understanding of the strength of combinations it is impossible to objectively assess your chances of winning. If you arrange them all by seniority, you get the following picture.

Flash Royal

The strongest poker combination is Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10. If you don’t let it be known that you’re holding a straight and an ace, you can win a big pot. Unfortunately, the odds of making a Royal Flush are relatively slim – no more than 0.0002%;

Straight Flash

Five cards drawn in a row with one jack. In poker, a straight is a winning hand in most cases, unless one is lucky enough to raise a royal flush. This will be discussed in the next paragraph. According to the poker odds table, the probability of making such a combination is 0.0015%;


A combination that requires the player to have four cards of equal value. The strength of the square in poker is judged by them – the higher the position, the stronger the hand. The rarest carre combination is the “4 Aces” combination. Only 0.0240% of the time in poker it can be formed;

Full House

A full house in poker is a hand that gives the player three cards from one and two from the other. The highest of these, according to the rules, is a three, even if the sum of twos is stronger. The chance of making such a combination in Texas Hold’em poker is not more than 0.1441%;


The combination of flush in Hold’em poker assumes the presence of five one-straight cards. In this case, their value recedes into the background. According to the poker pot odds table, it is possible to collect a flush 0.1956% of the time;


If you manage to collect five cards of any suit going in order, you have a poker straight. Out of several potential winners who get a straight by the end of the game, the lucky winner of the pot is determined by the seniority of the cards. The odds of winning the straight are close to 0.3925%;


Poker card hand allows you to collect three cards of the same value? Good odds of winning! When determining the bet between players with a set in the final game, their seniority is taken into account, so having three aces will be an undeniable advantage. The probability of collecting a lucky “three” is 2.1129%;

Two Pairs

The combination of two pairs of cards of the same value is quite common. When determining the winner, the presence of the oldest of them can be taken into account (if there is a match on this parameter, only the youngest pairs are compared). Even beginners have a fairly high chance of making such a combination (4.7539%). The odds of winning in hold’em poker with the 2+2 option are not as high as we’d like them to be. But it’s not all so hopeless;

One pair (“deuce”)

Do the players who reach the end of the game have a pair of cards of the same value? The pot goes to whoever has the higher pair. It’s a strong combination, but the odds of getting one are 42, 257 and under certain circumstances it’s realistic to win the game. If the pair is small in seniority, it’s better to fold;

Senior Card

The highest card, despite its “honorable” status, is a very weak combination. Even if you’re holding an Ace. Despite the fact that it is considered to be the strongest in the deck, you can only talk about the combination. Kicker in poker occurs 49.882% of the time, but having the highest card doesn’t give the player any particular advantage.

Poker is not such a difficult game. But it does require extra attention, a fresh head, and strategic thinking. Today there are already a huge number of online poker sites. You can enjoy the game from the comfort of your own home. And the best part is that you get to earn it.